Solve Construction is a full service masonry construction company specializing in residential and commercial projects. We offer a variety of services ranging from brick work, stone masonry, masonry restoration, preventative maintenance, hardscape construction, and masonry design. We only employ experienced and highly skilled craftsman and stone artisans whose focus is always on achieving the highest level of quality.

Safety is the priority on every project, and our onsite supervisors ensure this commitment daily. We go beyond training to promote lasting positive behaviors. Maintaining a tidy and well organized construction area creates a safe working environment and allows our personnel to work confidently and efficiently.



We bring a long and varied history of experience that allows us to perform complex masonry projects while meeting established deadlines. We believe that our purpose is dual—first, to focus on building superior structural entities that resist water, and secondly, to create beautiful and elegant structures through exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

This process begins well before the first brick sinks into mortar. Preparation is key to our success. Our pre-construction planning is a comprehensive process that ensures we hit the ground running the moment construction begins.



Safety. Our goal is zero accidents. Our people are integral to our business and we are committed to protecting their health and ensuring their safety by going beyond the industry’s best practices. Every employee goes through a rigorous safety training program that focuses on responsible scaffolding erection and usage. We strive to foster a culture where all employees hold one another accountable for maintaining a safe working environment. Safety benefits everyone.

Service. Customer service is the bedrock of our mission. Our goal is to establish long lasting relationships with our partners and clients by demonstrating accountability and integrity from quote to completion. We focus on the needs of our clients, approaching every project – no matter how modest or complex – with the same level of commitment. We realize that finding a trusted contractor can be a difficult process which is why we are committed to being straight forward and prudent with our proposals, prompt and detailed with our quotes. Our clients are our partners. We establish an ongoing dialogue during the planning stages of the project and encourage our clients to ask questions in order to completely fulfill their expectations and realize their vision.


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